Consequences Booklet cover


Consequences Booklet inside


Consequences Booklet center spread


Consequences Booklet


Consequences Booklet




Consequences Booklet


Consequences Booklet back cover


20 pages

7.5" x 8"

laser print w/ silkscreen cover





As a class collaborative project, I gave the class a selection of poems, one of which they would collectively choose as the inspiration for a class book. The students deliberated on the strengths and potentials of each and selected the poem "Forwarded" by John Ashbery.


Each photographer then chose prints from their portfolio that resonated (or even juxtaposed) with Ashbery's poetics. From these prints, the class edited the collection down to ten images.


Contributing photographers are: Courtney Berry, Shannon Donahue, Meghan Gray, Whitney Hamerski, Ashley Kendrick, Kelli Leong, Cheyanne Rausche, Olivia Viapiano, and Edward Woods.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a commercial publication and is not available for sale.